Point Salone del Mobile


The idea of using a simple material such as terracotta tiles in a more sophisticated sense inspires this project of a stand for the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2017. The result is a design deeply linked to the essence of the Point product, marked by a reusable metal structure and a translucent mobile lattice. Being a presentation of outdoor furniture, the layout of the material had to offer a clear sense of expansion and references to outdoor life. The tiles are applied along the entire floor, as well as in a latticework scheme. Through their superposition and mobility, the different degrees of transparency are controlled, creating a constant interaction between the different planes. The combination of its original colour with a variation dyed in graphite grey defines the route and distribution of the environments, which are interspersed with dry vegetation. The way in which visitors interact with space is one of the most important aspects, so we have tried to achieve a more human scale of each of the scenarios.